Friday, 19 May 2017

Literacy Reflection W3 T2

Word Work

This week for work word we had to write the origin, sentences and meanings. I found it hard to fit it in to my slide because of the layout and the work took a while to do. Next time I should work on making the words easier to see on my sentences. Here is my word work slide.

Diamante Poem

WALT: Write diamante poems

A diamante poem is a poem that is in a diamond shape. Click here for more info! Here is my diamante poem that I made about ANZAC day! I am happy with my work but next time I should use words that are new to me.


For writing this week, we had to choose a book to make an advertisement on. I chose what not to do when you turn invisible. The hardest part was the setting because I couldn't remember what town she lived in. Here is what I have done so far!

I am happy with my work, though I think next time I could try not to get too distracted.

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  1. Hi Hannah,
    Sorry I haven't commented so much recently, but I have been reading your blog posts. It's nice to see your weekly work.Keep it up!


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