Friday, 21 June 2019

Hanmer Springs Brochure

At the begining of this term, we went to Hanmer Springs for school camp. After we came back, we had to make a brochure of some activities you can do in Hanmer Springs. Here is mine!

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Interpreting Timetables

For the past 2 weeks, T2 have been working on reading timetables for buses, airplanes and subways. We got given Workbooks with timetables, and had to answer the questions that followed them. It wasn't that hard for me to do because I have done these types of things when I lived in Taiwan. Here are my workbooks!

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Scaffold of an Exposition

Today, we have started to look at constructing a good argument. To begin, we wrote down the scaffold of an exposition to help us make our argument look good. I think this will help a lot for writing about my opinions and arguments.  Here is the Scaffold!

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Myths And Legends: FIREFLIES.

For the past few weeks T2 have been writing myths and legends of our own. I was originally writing about Shooting Stars, but over time my plot became the reason that fireflies glow. Here is my finished writing!

Friday, 24 May 2019

Kahoot Quiz

I made a Trivial Kahoot Quiz for Blogging Contract. Heres the link to it!

Hanmer Camp 2019

From Monday to Wednesday, I have been on school camp. I arrived at school extremely tired and barely awake, and ready to sleep in the car. After awhile of talking, we all got in our cars and left.  I was in Carmens car with Iris. It was very quiet because I napped most of the way, which was very relaxing (I did wake up now and then to eat a few lollies though).

When we arrived at Hanmer Springs Forest Camp, the lady explained a few rules before we went to our bunks. Or maybe it was the other way around, I wasn't exactly awake enough to remember. Soon, Activtity Hanmer arrived and we all left for our first and last activity for the day. My group were doing orienteering, which was just us running around the forest looking for white tubes with numbers and letters on them. My team (Angelina, Billie-Jean, Oliver and I) started out great and had an amazing plan, but took too long walking around and ended up returning half an hour late! It was a lot of fun though, and it was probarbly my favourite activity.

Right after that, it was time to go to the hot pools! I really liked going into the hot pool and then the lazy river for some reason. I had a lot of fun with my friends, and it was (of course) the best part of camp. I went in the super bowl when it was dark and thought I was actually going to fly out and die! Fun. When it did get dark and the lights in the lap pool and lazy river went on and I put my head under the water (with goggles on) it looked really cool. Soon we had to go back to camp and eat dinner. We were all exhusted, and I could be found lying down on the couch or carpet, napping.

Day 2! Waking up was pretty hard, but soon I realised I was hungry and got out to eat. We had breakfast, packed out lunches, and were off for another activity. My group were doing Conical Hill and the Lolly shop first. It was an easy walk, and the lolly shop looked really nice, though it was more expensive than I thought. We went back to camp and ate some lunch before going onto our second activity: Tree Climbing! I didn't expect to get to the top of all the trees, and I was very sure of giving up. But in the end, I forced myself up and made it to the top. That was the most surprising thing for me.

The last activity that day was Mountain Biking. I got really tired at the end and my clothes all got dirty because I half fell about twice. We also saw some people who took so many shortcuts from Conical Hill that we saw them at the bike trail!

Finally, the end of the day. We went back to the Hot pools, but I was so tired I couldn't be bothered going on the superbowl. Most of my time was spent in the hot pools and rock pools.

Hot pools was over really quickly, and it was time to have dinner which was deviled sausages, deliscious! The chocolate pudding that Carmen made was amazing, and definately a highlight. We had camp concert, and some friends and I did the macarena. 

Wednesday, the last day. there were only 2 activities today, for me it was the sculpture walk and cemetry explorartion. It was supposed to be one activity but since we had 2 groups, we had to split up and take turns. The sculpters were cool, my favorite one was the possum doing tree climbing.

Then just like that, Camp was over and I was napping all the way back to Greymouth. (Deja vu?)

Friday, 3 May 2019

Holiday In Taiwan

From Apirl 4th to April 26th, I have been on holiday in Taiwan with my dad and brother. We had a lot of fun and it was nice to see my Ama (grandmother) again after such a long time.

The plane trip to get there was pretty much a whole 24 hours. We woke at 3am, drove to Christchurch and take a domestic flight to Auckland. From there, we got on the plane, only to be told we had to wait half an hour because of some issues. Then an hour went by, and the flight ended up getting delayed. In the end, we did each get 20 dollars to spend at the airport so it wasn't too bad.

Finally, we get to Taiwan. I had to abandon my scissors because their too sharp so I was sad about that... We took a taxi from there to Amas house in Muzha. We were all really tired, as i stayed up half the time drawing, watching Bobs Burgers and playing Solitare.

We went out to have breakfast and climb a mountain to a temple with my dads friend. My face was red and I was so glad to have the tea they had at the top. The view was quite disappointing though, since it was so polluted. After we got down the mountain, our dads friend treated us bubble tea!

After that, we took the MRT, Train and finally bus to Maling Elemetry School, where I walked around and got lots of fun memories which mad me sad.  The old security guard was still there even now! Kyles old classmate came to see us with her grandma. Then we went to our old cottage which the new owners made look really beautiful. Another one of Kyles old classmate wanted to see him, so we went to the 7/11 she was at and saw her!


Kyle and I took the mrt to see our best friends since we were born (Alanna, Joseph, their little sister Isabel and their amazing mum, Auntie Angie.) Alanna, Isabel and I put some heelys on and flew down to the OK mart. I did trip and I thought nothing of it, just slapping a bandaid on it. Bad idea! I ended up almost fainting the next morning. If Isabel hadn't helped me, it might still be infected.

Alanna, Isabel and I went to this... shop where we bought some face masks and played air hockey.


We watched Dirk Gently and played Jackbox Party Pack, which was a lot of fun. Us girls also put face masks on that made us look like melting Shrek babies.

Kyle and I went to the beach with Angie, Isabel, Alanna and Harley (their teacup chihuahua). I left my shoes there! At this point I'd probarbly return to taiwan with less luggage... The water was so clear and Isabel, Kyle and I went around looking for a sandbar to eat our icecreams on. Alanna had a concussion so she wasn't at school.

This was probarbly the best day for me. I took the MRT to DAAN Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University to meet my friends Lian and Tiana! It was Lians schools anniversary, so we went and walked around her school. Then we all got hungry and went to a spagetti place. (Uma was there too, and Juvena joined later.) Lian had to go back and clean her classroom, so Tiana, Uma and I went with Juvena to play a board game with her class.


When Lian was free to go, the 4 of us took the MRT to Ximending to look around and eat dinner. We ended up going to a Poop Resturarnt which looked cool. I got curry rice, and the way it was set up was cool and looked filling. Until I realised how shallow the plates actually were.

After eating dinner, we went to the skate park and ran around being idiots.


Kyle, Baba and I went down to Kending. Angie, Isabel and Angies brother and his wife were there as well so we went to the Baisha beach together in the morning. Tianas mum was there, so we planned for all of us to go Kending main street for dinner. The kids went off while the parents walked around and got drunk! Amazing.  We bought chicken pieces, a massive crepe, octopus balls and a spicy squid which made us sit in 7/11 and chug milk.

There was a lot of other stuff we did, but this is all.