Friday, 17 March 2017

40bc Book 1

Author: Dan Gemeinhart

Genre: Adventure

Characters: Beau the dog, Mark (Main character), Jessie (Mark's best friend)

This story is about a boy named Mark. He is like everyone else his age, he loves his dog, best friend Jessie and hiking. But what they don't have is Cancer. When he becomes sick again, he decides he's had enough of hospitals. So he runs away from home, with his dog Beau for company and a plan to climb to the top of Mount Rainier, even if its the last thing he ever does.

I would give this book a rating of  5 out of 5  stars

I recommend this book for 9 to 13 year olds because it is a very good book and makes me cry.
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  1. Great book reflection Hannah. I haven't read this book. Do you think I would like it and why?

    1. Kia Ora, Miss Panther!
      This book is a great book and I think you will enjoy this book. It has sad bits and happy bits and there are parts where you don't want to stop reading. I really recommend this book and I think you should read it.



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