Friday, 6 May 2016

W1 T2 Reflection


For Topic, I made two Google Slides about ANZAC DAY. Did you know that they killed some of the mascots because they didn't have enough room?



For writing, we read chapters 1~4 of 'Charlotte's web' then SMRFed a slide. inside had activities for the term. We had to write a description of Zuckerman's barn.
I learnt how to use a simile, metaphor, and personification. 

My Zuckerman's Barn

For Chapter Chat, we had the decision to make Zuckerman's barn. This is my barn, it was easy to make, my favorite part is making Charlotte's web.


On Thursday, we set up banqer. We get money when we do Main Stars, reflections, finish work, or have manners.

This week, I learnt how to use banqer, what a simile, a metaphor and personification means and how to use them.

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