Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Fox Glacier Camp Reflection

Fox Glacier Camp

When the bell rang for the start of the day, we went to our cars. First, we drove to Hokitika and stopped for a play on the park. Soon, we had to jump back into the car.

We continued driving to a Lake Mapourika. On the way there, we started a car quiz. The first question was: “How many camper van’s do we drive past on the way to Fox?”
We had a swim in the lake, but I didn’t. Instead, I watched them and had some lunch. I also made a fake Island after Kyra got dressed.

On our way to Harihari, we drove past lake Ianthe and had a good look at the Lake. We stopped at Harihari and went to the Kiwi Center.There was, of course Kiwi’s. The two kiwi’s were only 6~8 weeks old. Lisa, a Lady at the kiwi center had put more logs and twigs so the kiwi’s practiced fighting, and fought for territory. We also stopped at a small park and had our lunch.

The road to Franz was windy, but not as windy as Fox. We saw Franz Josef Glacier and it was huge, way bigger then Fox Glacier.

After the windy road to Fox, we finally got to the Top 10 Holiday Park. We got sorted in our rooms then went out to do our kiwi ranger. Then, we went to get tea and dessert.
-We had to write a camp dairy and Kiwi Ranger Booklet.

After tea, we walked to the glow worms. I tripped over heaps of times, but the glow worms were wonderful. People behind us kept shining their torches on the glow worms so it was hard to see them.

Once we got back to the Top 10 Holiday Park, got into our pj’s and got ready for bed. I had a very good sleep, even though Lara kept talking.

In the morning, we had breakfast. Me and Kyra both had baked beans on toast. Then, we went to see the Glacier. We had to have a very big walk to get to the Glacier, but we survived. In 1 hour, we got to the Glacier. We had a big group photo, then had lunch. Awhile later, we headed back to the Top 10 Holiday Park.

After going to the glacier, we went for a walk at the “Reflection Walk”. We saw a Chinese couple taking wedding photos.We looked at the lake and the perfect reflections of the mountains.
- Taking a photo with Miss Hines & Kyra!
We got ready to go Geocaching. My group found all of them and came second. Another group went to the same place at the same time. We did all looking and they only had to watch.

When we got back, we got into our togs and went to the Fox Glacier school pool to have a swim. We had lots of fun in the pool. When we left, it had started raining so we ran in the rain.

Once everyone got back, we had Nachos for tea, and lots of different kinds of food for dessert.

In the morning, we got ready to go home. I took all my bags into the Sunshine Couch then went to play on the playground. A few minutes later, we left for Harihari. When we got there, we played on the little park and got some lunch. Soon, we left again.  
We had fun on the ride back and I’m thankful that I got to come on camp. I had a great time.

When we got back to Greymouth, we took are bags out and waited for our parents. It was the best camp ever!
Having a great time on the Glacier!
- on the way back from the Glacier!

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