Friday, 20 May 2016

30bc book 1

The Year Of The Dog

What Is 30bc?

This term, we started reading books for 40bc. 40bc is a challenge were you read 40 books through the year. Because we started in term two, we missed out one term so we decided to do 30bc instead.

Title: Year of the dog
Author: Grace Lin
Illustrator: Grace Lin
publishing date: May 2007

About the book: It's the Chinese year of the dog and Pacy's mum tells her that its a good year too 'find yourself', which Pacy has trouble with. She has heaps more too deal with through the year, like making a new best friend, discovering why the Year Of he Dog is lucky for her after all.

GENRE'S in this book: Realistic Fiction, children, family, fiction and cultural.

Here are some of the characters: Pacy Lin {main character, also known as Grace Lin}, Kiki {Pacy's little sister}, Lissy {Pacy's big sister, also known as Beatrice}, Melody {Pacy's new Best Friend}, and Albert {Pacy's baby cousin}.

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